A Mission to Serve and Vision to Succeed



Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Expertise are the key to success

Believing in the fact that the group derives its strength from manufacturing quality products, Spaceage has embarked on an ambitious programme of establishing factories for the group across the world from UAE to India and Australia. This demonstrates its truly international, taking advantage of expertise available and cost structures in different geographical areas.

Spaceage is committed to satisfying the demands of tomorrow's business needs with heavy investment in advanced manufacturing technologies. Sophisticated manufacturing facilities at Dahid, Abu Dhabi, Australia and in India ensure manufacturing to precise specification and delivery on schedule.

Spaceage ensures the highest standards with regard to its wide range of products. Meticulous care is taken in every area of activity including design, manufacture, testing, delivery with service report, so that customer satisfaction is guranteed.The products are type tested at the internationally renowned independent test laboratories.

Low & Medium Voltage Products Switchboard Division

Safety and reliablity are our key requirements for high specification electrical switchgear, instrumentation and control panels. As a precision engineering company with factories in UAE and India, spaceage produces an exceptional range of power distribution and motor control equipment.

Products Include:

¨ Medium Voltage Panels

¨ Intelligent Motor Control Centres [MCCs]

¨ Power Control Center [PCCs]

¨ Main Distribution Boards [MDBs]

¨ Sub Main Distribution Boards [SMDBs]

¨ Final Distribution Boards [FDBs]

¨ Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels (APFC)

¨ Automatic Main Failure Panels (AMF)

¨ Feeder Pillars (FP-A & FP-B) as per  ADWEA (ADDC/AADC)

¨ Service Turret as per  ADWEA (ADDC/AADC)

¨ Package Substation Unit

¨ Feeder Pillers (FP-A & FP-B) as per  FEWA/SEWA

¨ Service Piller as per FEWA/SEWA

¨ Low Voltage Distribution Boards (LVDV)

¨ Lighting Feeder Piller

¨ Street Lighting Control Cabinets

¨ Metering Cabinets

¨ Consumer Units / Load Centres / DBs and

¨ Other Custom-Built Switchboards

¨ Lighting Fixtures

¨ High Mast Lowering Devices

¨ Cut Outs For Street Lightning

¨ Portable Earthing Device for Feeder Pillers, Service turret and LVDB’s

Produced under technical collaboration and license agreement for switchboards production from DELTA Electrical Systems [MEM] UK in India.Our design and production team's technical expertise and skills are further enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art CAD/CAM stations, plotting devices and specialized software packages