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Reinforced plastics are the material of the future

With depleting mineral resources around the world and advances made in plastics technology today, it is an obvious choice that reinforced plastics will replace metals as the raw material for the industry in the future

Spaceage is proud to be a pioneer in this field by being actively involved in the production of quality glass reinforced plastic products. By being environmentally friendly, weather resistant and super strong, GRP has proved to be the material eagerly sought after in the field of transportation and construction. From aircraft to boats, cars to trains, bridges to structures, every industry will turn to GRP in the future

GRP division of Spaceage is fully equipped to supply a wide range of products. The division is continuously engaged in R & D for improving quality of products and manufacturing techniques. Specialized glass reinforced polyester cabinets and kiosks for electrical equipment, GRP antennae for satellite TV systems, GRP cowls for aircraft, boats are but a few of the diverse product ranges we are involved in

Produced both by traditional hand lay-up process and RTM [Resin Transfer Mold] process, Spaceage has in house capability of tool and mold making. GRP products have been independently tested for fire resistance at Warrington Fire Services Laboratories, UK and for tensile, impact strength and glass content at MTS laboratories, UK.